Sport & Fitness
  • Fitness tips
  • Power and endurance
  • 12 physical peculiarities
  • 10 risks of injuries
  • 23 sports
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I have 23andme data

What to expect from the report?

Your fitness Which workouts are right for you?

Will your friend’s fitness program be as effective for you or should you choose a more personal approach? In this section we provide you with personal fitness recommendations based on genetic test data.

Your athletic style Are you a sprinter or stayer?

Are you a sprinter or a long-distance runner? Should you drop everything and get into professional sports? In this section of the report, we will tell you about the genetic traits underlying your physical abilities, inform you about your predispositions to injuries, and compare your results with those of elite athletes.

We Analyse

81 Genetic Markers in
65 Genes

Are you a 23andMe user?

We can reinterpret your 23andme DNA data analyzing a different set of markers relevant to our reports

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