• Dosage, efficiency and toxicity estimates for over 100 drugs reported by PharmGKB
  • Genetic-guided therapy for FDA-approved medications
  • CYP2D6, CYP2C19 and CYP2C9 metabolizer type
  • Your drug metabolism and FDA/EMA recommendations
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I have 23andme data

What to expect from the report?

Personalized medicine How to make a smart choice for your medication?

Your genetic traits can affect the effects of medications during the treatment. The provided information is a decision-making tool that helps predict your response to medications and choose the right medical drug. Consult your physician sharing your pharmacogenetics report to find out which drugs will be most effective and safe for your body.

Pharmacological treatment management What’s right for you?

Do you need a personal approach to take certain medications? Your pharmacogenetics report provides dosing recommendations and specifics of drug administration guided by your genetics. Those recommendations increase the probability of a safe and effective pharmacological treatment.

We Analyse

81 Genetic Markers in
45 Genes

Are you a 23andMe user?

We can reinterpret your 23andme DNA data analyzing a different set of markers relevant to our reports

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