• Personalized diet
  • Wellness tips and sport nutrition
  • Vitamins and minerals (10 traits)
  • Weight management and health (12 traits)
  • Food intolerance (4 traits)
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What to expect from the report?

  • Know it!

    Have you always dreamed of eating everything you like and not gaining weight? What do your genetic predispositions have to say about that? We will tell you about your individual genetic traits affecting nutrition and body weight.

  • Do it!

    There are many different diets. How to choose the best one for you from this great variety, and at the same time not die of hunger? We have collected recommendations according to your genetic data that will help optimize your nutrition according to your individual genetic makeup.

  • Use it!

    Is it difficult to control your cravings for sweets or your love for huge meals? We will give you some simple advice on the regime and organization of your food intake, guided by your genetic traits, so that proper nutrition does not become a burden.

We Analyse

187 Genetic Markers in
141 Genes

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We can reinterpret your 23andme DNA data analyzing a different set of markers relevant to our reports

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