Interpretation of your 23andme DNA Data
Upload your data file either directly from your PC or linking your data through your personal account at www.23andme.com
Fill up the required registration form(s) and complete the secure payment process.
Access your personal account and receive your reports within 24 hours.

Upload your .txt data file from your PC

To ensure high-quality in data interpretation we work only with latest versions of 23andme data files starting from version 3 released in January 2011. We support only .txt or zipped .txt file format downloaded from 23andme website. The uploading may take a few minutes, depending on your Internet connection speed. Once the file is uploaded and verified, you can proceed with registration and payment.

Transfer your raw data file directly from 23andMe

For your convenience, you can choose a direct transfer of your raw data from your 23andMe account. Please click the button below to login into your personal account and complete your data transfer.

Please rest assured that we do not use your data outside the needs of performing the service. Your data will be a subject to our privacy and security policies.
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