Your Personal Genetics

Your genes and environment are what makes you who you are. Although humans share close to 99% of their genes, the last 1% accounts for our appearance, personal health, predispositions, and many other differentiating traits. Essentially, our genes play a huge role in determining our individual attributes. Multiple studies in human genetics have revealed associations between genes and personal traits among humans.

PictoGene will tell you about your personal traits relating to Health and Wellness based on your genetic blueprint. We use pictograms also called “picto” to explain you the complex topics of personal human genetics.

How It Works

1 Order Your Test
2 Receive your kit
3 Collect Saliva
4 Delivery to the Laboratory
5 Laboratory Analysis
6 Bioinformatic Analysis
7 Your Final Results

Privacy & Security

Our customers trust us with their genetic data privacy and personal information. Protecting that information, and respecting their privacy, is fundamental to maintaining that trust. Our privacy and security policies meet the requirements of all applicable laws, rules and regulations. BioMD Genetics does not use genetics data for research unless participants sign an Informed Consent Form and are explicitly informed that their data is used for research purpose. BioMD Genetics does not share the customers’s personal information and genetic information of the genetic analysis outside the needs of performing, delivering, and improving our services. Learn more


We have been constantly innovating and using the best current practices and technologies of human genetics science to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Our highly creative and qualified team, consisting of researchers, bioinformaticians, medical doctors and practitioners, ensures that top-quality services are delivered to our customers.

We use the Illumina human genotyping microarray technology to read human genes in the certified laboratory in either Montréal, Canada or the United States. Targeted genotyping performs DNA screening against specific variations of certain traits or genes of interest. We analyze this massive amount of genetic information and generates meaningful information for stakeholders, such as healthy people, practitioners and patients.

About pictogene

PictoGene is a trademark of the personal genetic service provided by BioMD Genetics Inc, a Canadian operating company located in Montreal. The core mission of BioMD Genetics is to expedite and ease a public access to scientific research in human genetics. We strongly believe that meaningful knowledge of personal genetics can bring tremendous value to human society through empowering people to better manage their wellbeing and therefore live happier and healthy life.

Your opinion is very important to us. We constantly seek feedback to improve and evolve our service. Should you need any further information or have any suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our team in Montreal.

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